Singapore Airport

This post is going to sound like a straight advertisement for Singapore’s Changi Airport.  It can’t be helped because this airport is the best one I have ever been in and I actually found myself wishing that my 5-hour layover between Bali and Vietnam was LONGER.


First of all, the airport is full of free attractions.  It has a butterfly garden, a sunflower garden, an orchid garden, a cactus garden, in addition to dozens of other large flower arrangements all over the airport.  It has two free movie theaters.  There are several rest areas with reclining lounge chairs if you want to take a nap.  There are free foot massage chairs, video game rooms, sports lounges, computers everywhere with internet access, business centers where you can make copies or print documents.  There are medical clinics and pharmacies.  There is a free tour of Singapore if you have more than a five hour layover.  It is also home to the world’s tallest slide (but you have to show a receipt with a $10 value from anywhere in the airport to ride it).  There are several playgrounds and interactive areas for children and families.  There are private rooms you can rent by the hour that come equipped with showers.  There is also a hotel at the airpot.  And of course there are hundreds of restaurants, retail stores, and duty free shopping areas.  Sometimes you feel more like you’re in a fancy mall than an airport.


Movie theater show times


Orchid garden

In addition to all the attractions, the airport is beautifully decorated and immaculately clean.  Every service provided has a little kiosk where you can rate the service provider.  For example, near the exit of every bathroom there is a tablet on the wall where you can rate the cleanliness, and it even has the name and photo of the employee on bathroom duty.  You can even rate your experience of going through passport control and customs! What?!  It does guarantee a very pleasant customs officer, who in most airports are either silent or terse.



Looks more like a Vegas hotel lobby than an airport


Kinetic Rain: 1216 copper raindrops that rise and fall to create a surreal visual experience


Kinetic Rain: 1216 copper raindrops that rise and fall to create a surreal visual experience


Immaculate bathrooms, complete with child-sized sink


Rating the toilet. I gave Leong a score of “Excellent”

So, if you ever have a long layover in Singapore, don’t be upset about it.  Instead, start planning which activities you can fit in in the time you have.  I promise you’ll wish you had more time!




2 thoughts on “Singapore Airport

  1. I am totally biased here but I totally agree! Growing up in Singapore I’ve always viewed Changi Airport as “normal” but the more I travel and experience other airports, the more I realise what a great airport Changi really is. It’s incredibly clean (much like the rest of Singapore) and organised with plenty of shops and other attractions to entertain visitors, as you’ve noted. I always wonder why other countries don’t put more effort into their airports – first impressions do count, after all!

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