The Sleeper Bus


The Sleeper Bus

To get from Goa to Hampi, Karnataka, we took an overnight sleeper bus that left Panjim around 9:00pm and arrived in Hampi around 8:00am.  We had no idea what to expect from the overnight bus, so what we got was quite a unique experience.

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The Ayurvedic Massage

The Goan beaches are popular hotspots for yoga and ayurvedic medicine.  I figured while I was in Palolem, I should get an ayurvedic massage, which I read you could find for about $8.  So, I followed the signs for an “ayurvedic massage spa” and found a hut near the  beach.  Outside the hut, I met one of the female masseuses, an Indian woman in her 50s. I told her a wanted a full body massage and asked about prices.  She told me in a whisper that she would give me a discount and showed me a menu of services.  While I was looking it over, she whispered again something about price and discount, but then said her boss was coming and she quickly scooted back into the hut.

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Palolem Beach, Goa


Goa: A place to do nothing

We arrived in Goa on Jan. 14th after a one-hour flight from Mumbai.  We could have taken a train for half the price, but it would have taken 9 hours.  We opted for the “time is money” approach and flew here instead.
A lot of people refer to Goa like it is a city, but in fact it is a very, very small state.  India’s smallest.  In Goa, we have been staying in Palolem Beach, which is in south Goa.
First impressions of Palolem were: cute, small, hippie, touristy, relaxing.

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