The Hampi Zoo


Just kidding.  Hampi doesn’t have a zoo (and if it did, I wouldn’t go to it).  But it does have tons of street animals.  You literally cannot go down ANY street here without coming across the following types of creatures:

  1. Cows & calfs
  2. Goats & kids
  3. Dogs & puppies
  4. Cats & kittens
  5. Monkeys

And there is also one elephant, Lakshmi, the temple elephant, who takes a bath in the river every morning around 8:30 and gives out hugs for 10 rupees.  Sadly, she had been broken with a bull hook just like every “trained” elephant.  And since I would never support the mistreatment of an animal, I did not pay for a hug.



This adorable baby licked my legs and arms for five minutes


Heart-shaped cow


Kids and monkeys 🙂


These kittens lived at our guest house. So cute!



Lakshmi, the temple elephant


Lakshmi, the temple elephant


Lakshmi, the temple elephant

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