The Overnight Train


The overnight train was like heaven compared to the overnight bus.  Again, we were assigned beds, each one about 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide and we did NOT have to share a bed (yay! Team Train for the win!).  The ride was pretty smooth and everyone was quiet as a mouse. Lights were turned off, but each bed had a personal lamp if you wanted to use it.  Our coach also had AC and I was actually pretty cold, although we were provided with clean sheets, wool blankets, and little pillows.  It was a MAJOR step up from the sleeper bus.  Overall it was really easy, especially since my stop was the end of the line so there was no confusion about where to get off.

The sleeper train ride also signified the end of my travels with Maren, as she departed in Bangalore to fly up to Rishikesh, while I continued down to Mysore.  It was great to have a travel partner at the beginning of this journey for so many reasons, but I’m ready to fly solo for a while and looking forward to the level of independence one can only truly achieve when alone.

The train: So much better than the bus!


This is the ticket guy on the train. He thought that we were hilarious because we’re so tall. He giggled every time he passed by us.


Maren is ready for bed!


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