The Hampi Zoo


Just kidding.  Hampi doesn’t have a zoo (and if it did, I wouldn’t go to it).  But it does have tons of street animals.  You literally cannot go down ANY street here without coming across the following types of creatures:

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The Waterfall Adventure/Mishap


The Waterfall Adventure

The Lonely Planet guide book talks about these “waterfalls” in Hampi that are supposedly only a 2km walk away.  Since it’s hotter than hell here, Maren and I decided to trek on over there the other day.

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A Night Out

A Night Out

We found out about some live music at a restaurant here in Hampi and decided to check it out.
The performers were both backpackers, traveling around with their instruments and putting on free shows in each town they visit.
He is from Spain.
She is from England.
He plays the guitar.
She plays the accordion, flute, and recorder.
They both sing in Spanish and English.
They played a salsa song and this Indian couple got up and just tore up the “dance floor”, looking like a professional salsa dance team.  Every eye was on them and the restaurant owner even turned on the lights and employees were video taping it on their phones.  At the end of the song, the whole place erupted into cheers and applause.
It was awesome.

Happy, Healthy, and HOT in Hampi


Happy, Healthy, and HOT in Hampi

Hampi is famous for its ancient ruins and boulder-strewn landscape.  It was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire in the 15th century and was home to half a million inhabitants and 1500 elephants.  It’s currently population is less than 3000 and there’s only one elephant.  It is divided into a Royal Center, where the Vijayanagara King and Queen lived, and a Sacred Center, which is where most of the temples are located.  Most of it is free to explore, but you can also hire guides and do various types of tours.  Aside from being fascinating and gorgeous, it is also hotter than hell in Hampi.

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