Leaving India

I spent my last 24 hours in India with Elizabeth, totally conquering Delhi.  We took public transportation everywhere, saw some of Delhi’s most famous sites (The Baha’i House of Worship/Lotus Temple & the Mughal Gardens at the President’s Estate), ate our final authentically delicious Indian meals, enjoyed some cold Kingfisher beers, toured the world’s largest Hindu temple (Akshardham), and loved every second of it.

Delhi’s Main Bazaar Road by night:


I must have repeated the phrase, “I can’t believe this is my last day here!” 50 times.  I was so sad to leave.  I  know many people are ready to go when they depart this country, but I could have rocked it here for at least another three months.  There is still so much more to see, do, eat, and experience.  Even though India can be frustrating (like an annoying baby brother who is loud, pees everywhere, and does whatever the #&@$ he wants), I still loved it madly.  It earned a special little place in my heart. Two months is NOT enough time in India.  I can’t wait to return some day!

Showing India who’s boss by taking public transit and dealing with the massive metro crowds:

Food, food, glorious food:

The Lotus Temple and the Mughal Gardens:

Goodbye, crazy India!  I’ll miss you!


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