Very Serene La Serena (and Coquimbo too!)

From Caldera, Ryan and I took a bus down to La Serena, which means “serene” in English. I liked La Serena right from the start.  It is a charming, well-organized city with beautiful colonial architecture, a metropolitan downtown, and a long, golden beach.  However, just like most beach towns in Chile in June, it was sleeeeeeepy.  Apparently the place triples in population during the summer months of December, January, and February.  But in late June, just about every apartment had a “For rent” or “For sale” sign in the window, especially in the buildings along the coast.

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Santiago de Chile

I acquired my first impression of Chile in the capital, Santiago.  Moving here without a plan or a job meant that I had some exploring to do. The first step was to figure out in which city I wanted to live.  Santiago was high up on the list of possibilities, primarily because it is the largest city (by far) with the most job opportunities.  So, I spent eight days there waiting for it to make a good impression on me… It didn’t, and here’s why:

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Melbourne’s Street Style

Melbourne, Australia is full of incredible street art and creative graffiti.  Graffiti is legal in Australia as long as you have the building owner’s permission and the content is not offensive.  This has made Melbourne one of the world’s greatest street art capitals.

Indeed, there seems to be graffiti or murals around every corner, and most of it is extremely good.  Walking the streets and laneways of Melbourne, checking out all the brightly painted walls, was one of my favorite things to do in the city.

Here are some of my faves:

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New Delhi: Not What I Expected


Technically I’ve been in New Delhi for 9 days, but it really feels like only three because I was cooped up in the hospital and then recuperating at my friend Ben’s place for so long.  On Saturday (it’s Monday today), papa Ben gave me the okay to get out and see the city with my two Australian friends who were also in Delhi for the weekend.  It was the first time in a week that I had spent more than 10 minutes outside and it felt GREAT.

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