Panjim’s Temples, a car blessing, and the swastika


Panjim’s Temples, a car blessing, and the swastika

Panjim has a few very beautiful temples. The Hanuman temple, a gorgeously vibrant orange building, was a 10-minute walk from our hotel, so we wandered up there one morning.

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Panjim: Goa’s Capital City

Panjim: Goa’s capital city
Our first (and lasting) impression of Panjim was that we loved it. We have deemed it our favorite place so far on the trip, even despite me being laid up for an entire day.

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Palolem Beach, Goa


Goa: A place to do nothing

We arrived in Goa on Jan. 14th after a one-hour flight from Mumbai.  We could have taken a train for half the price, but it would have taken 9 hours.  We opted for the “time is money” approach and flew here instead.
A lot of people refer to Goa like it is a city, but in fact it is a very, very small state.  India’s smallest.  In Goa, we have been staying in Palolem Beach, which is in south Goa.
First impressions of Palolem were: cute, small, hippie, touristy, relaxing.

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