Thailand’s Grand Canyon???

In Chiang Mai there is a red rock quarry that has been popularly dubbed “The Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai.”  You can Google it.  I’m not sure why it’s called the Grand Canyon because it’s neither grand NOR a canyon, but whatever.  It’s still pretty great nonetheless and has earned itself a high spot on the “things to do in Chiang Mai” list over the years (although it is actually in Hang Dong, 17 kilometers away).



Basically, it’s both a swimming hole and a spot for adventurous cliff jumpers who want to launch themselves off a cliff about 10-12 meters high.  Apparently several people have died here, but I read it’s because they couldn’t swim.  However, the day before we went, a guy dislocated his shoulder on a jump. It’s easy to understand how injuries can happen at this spot because if you don’t jump off correctly, you’re gonna hurt something, even if it’s just your skin.  On my third (and final) jump, I bruised my tailbone pretty badly and am still recovering from it, three weeks later.  But I’m making it out to be more scary than fun, and really, truly it’s a fun place to go.

I went with a cool crew of folks from my hostel and had a blast.  You can easily get there by red truck.



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