One Night in Bangkok…

Okay, so it was actually TWO nights in Bangkok, but I just had to quote that song.

On March 9th I said goodbye to India and “sawasdee ka” to Thailand.  I flew from Delhi to Bangkok on a giant dreamliner jet plane, and even though the flight was only 3.5 hours, I got a full meal and unlimited movies on Air India.  After two months in India, all I wanted to do in Bangkok was decompress, relax, catch up on my sleep, and catch up on my blog.  So I found an amazing hotel (iCheck Inn Sathorn) for only $30/night that offered a full suite, king-size bed, pool, balcony, full kitchen, daily cleaning and it stocked with two bottles of water daily.  It was pretty swank.  Too bad the wifi sucked because it took me five hours to upload photos for only two blogs.  As I said, I stayed there for two nights and literally did almost nothing during my time there.
These are the highlights of my Bangkok visit/first 2 days in Thailand:

  1. Took a bath in a huge bathtub
  2. Slept in a very comfortable bed
  3. Saw a cool Buddhist temple that was a 2-minute walk from my hotel
  4. Laid out by the pool
  5. Ate my first Thai meals, which were decent but nothing compared to Indian food
That’s it.  I know, it’s not very exciting. But it’s exactly what I wanted and I didn’t feel bad about it because I’ll be passing back through Bangkok later in my journey.
Here are a few photos:
My swanky hotel room
The food I ate

The only vegetarian option on the menu: noodles with red bean sauce


Dessert! (Not bugs)


Street food


Street food

The Buddhist Temple in Sathorn


At the temple, a monk invited me to come watch him make a painting that another man was either going to buy or perhaps it was a gift.  Neither man spoke any English, but it was really nice to be included in the experience.



4 thoughts on “One Night in Bangkok…

  1. Well deserved days of relaxation and recuperation! I’m still intrigued by that “bug dessert” – if it’s not bugs, then what is it!!?? Miss you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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