The Coconut Guy

This morning around 8:00am, the doorbell rang at Sushim and Nupur’s apartment.  Maren and I were the only ones home, as our hosts had gone for a run.  We looked at each other and asked, “Should we get it? Is that weird?  Is it safe?”  But I went ahead and opened the door to a small, Indian man holding a plastic bag.  He immediately sat on the ground, pulled out two coconuts, and starting shaving the tops off.  I tried to communicate with him, but with no luck.  After a couple of minutes, he handed me the coconuts and went on his way.

A few minutes later, Sushim and Nupur got home and explained that they have a coconut guy who comes every morning with fresh coconuts!  How cool is that?!  How did we miss this guy on Saturday and Sunday???

Our hosts also happen to have a maid, a personal chef, and weekly grocery delivery service.  Just like the coconut guy, the maid and chef come every day.  In India, these are the perks of cheap labor.  Even middle class families can afford these types of services, which would be a luxury in the States.  Pretty neat!



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